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Colloque Numérique Suisse / Schweizer Numerik Kolloquium

April 25, 2008

Université de Fribourg, Campus Pérolles



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In order to promote sharing ideas within our community, we have created a repository for PDF files with Colloquium posters, presentations, or related preprints. The upload and viewing of these PDF files is available through this page.

To view the uploaded PDF files, please click on the related presentation's title below. Titles marked by check have been uploaded and are available for browsing. If the PDF file is not yet uploaded, an upload page will appear when clicking on the presentation's title. Only PDF files are accepted. Each presentation can be uploaded only once. In case of problems, do not hesitate to contact us at colloqnum08@unifr.ch.

Presentations online
G. Anand Stochastic Modeling of Evaporating turbulent Sprays
L. Banjai A boundary integral method for time dependent problems
B. Bellenot ROOT: a Data Storage and Analysis Frameworkcheck
G. Bonfigli Numerical solution of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with the immersed-boundary techniquecheck
M. Cada Compact Third Order Limiter Functions for Non-Linear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
S. Callegari Simulating cosmological galaxy formation with N-body/SPH
Ph. Chatelain The R-leaping algorithm for the stochastic simulation of chemical kinetics with delays
M. Chipot Problems in cylinders: when and what to compute in lower dimensions?
M. Christen Large-Scale PDE-constrained Optimization in Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment Planning
R. Cimrman SfePy - a finite element analysis software in Pythoncheck
J. Coles Simple Simplex Sampling: Exploring the Solution Space of Degenerate Problems in High Dimensionscheck
Y. Courvoisier Error estimates for optimized domain decomposition methods applied to the one-dimensional heat equationcheck
N. Dorsaz Numerical investigation of eye lens proteins stability: a colloidal approach
J-F. Emmenegger Adaptive time series filters obtained by minimisation of the Kullback-Leibler divergence criterioncheck
A. Esposito Limitations of the Effective Mass Approximation: A Specific Examplecheck
M. Evonuk Fully convective giant planets: fluid dynamics through a density-stratification
E. Germaneau Atomistic simulation of the disordered and incommensurate phase of p-azoxydiphenetol
C. Gittelson Plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methodscheck
W. Hackbusch The technique of hierarchical matricescheck
W. Hassan Anisotropic finite element adaptation for compressible flows around aircraft
H. Heumann Discrete Lie derivatives and generalized convection diffusioncheck
T. Hofer Simulation of the dissolution of alumina particles in an electrolyte
A. Janka Optimal design of electromagnets for homogeneous high-intensity magnetic fields
G. Jouvet Numerical simulation of the dynamics of a glacier using a "volume-of-fluid" formulation
Y. Kaptan Parametric analysis of rotating surface flow
St. Kerkemeier Direct numerical simulation of autoignition in a non-premixed turbulent co-flowing jet
E. Kotsalis Coupling atomistic and continuum descriptions using dynamic control
F. Kwok Ordering-based approaches for improving solver efficiency in reservoir simulation check
Ch. Landry Optimization-Constrained Differential Equations with discontinuities: Application to Air Quality Modeling
A. Leier Accelerated stochastic simulation of chemical kinetics with delays:B-tau-DSSA
K. Li Investigation of a fast algorithm for spherical transforms
M. Makhinya Equalizer: Parallel OpenGL Application Frameworkcheck
Ph. Marti Maxwell stresses on the inner core
T. Mitkova Explicit energy conserving local time stepping for acoustic and electromagnetic wave propagationcheck
O. Morozov Tensor Framework for Multidimensional Signal Processing
F. Muggli Simulation of the plasma arc in a thermal spray guncheck
O. Naef Concentration Profiles Determination for Chemical Reactions using Multivariate Curve Resolution-Alternating Least Square (MCR-ALS) and Hard-Modeling
C. Narayanan Complex multiphase flow simulation using the immersed surfaces and local mesh refinement methods.check
D. Obrist Simulation of the flow in the inner ear with the method of fundamental solutions
V. Palumberi Spatio-angular model for the formation of oriented patches in chondrocytes cultures
V. Prachittham An anisotropic error estimator for the Crank-Nicolson method: application to parabolic problems
M. Rentschler Simulating viscoplastic flows
D. Rossinelli Vortex Methods for Flow Simulations on the GPU
J. Rotvig Multiple zonal jets and drifting in rotating thermal convection
M. Sathe Mixed integer optimization in automobile sheet metal forming processes
K. Schmidt Asymptotic expansion of highly conductive thin sheetscheck
Ph. Schütz Network Partitioning by Efficient Modularity Optimisation with Multi-Step Greedy Algorithm and Vertex Mover Refinement
F. Senn Numerical Solution of the Atomic Kohn-Sham Equation - XATOM
I. Sim Local Nonreflecting Boundary Condition for Time-Dependent Multiple Scattering
B. Stamm hp-Optimal discontinuous Galerkin methods for linear elliptic problems
G. Steiner Numerical simulation of magnetohydrodynamics phenomena applied to the electrolysis of aluminum
D. Talay New challenges for stochastic simulations: theoretical and numerical issues
M. Torrilhon Extended Continuum Modeling for Micro-Gas Flow
M. Tyagi A Stochastic-Lagrangian Modeling Framework for Multiphase Flow in Porous Mediacheck
J. Vanicek Efficient approaches to quantum dynamics based on semiclassical dynamics and the imaginary-time path integral
G. Vilmart High-order numerical integrators based on modified differential equationscheck
G. Widmer Efficient Algorithms for Radiative Transfer
Ch. Wüst A homogeneous fluid approach to model yellow dung fly sperm flow
M. Zlatar Numerical Solution of the Atomic Kohn-Sham Equation - XATOM

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