Research Groups

Professor University Field
Michel Benaïm Neuchâtel Probability
Bruno Colbois Neuchâtel Riemannian geometry, metric geometry
Alain Valette Neuchâtel Analysis on groups (group algebras, harmonic analyis, geometric group theory)
Anand Dessai Fribourg Geometric topology (Lie group actions on manifolds, elliptic genera, curvature and symmetry)
Ruth Kellerhals Fribourg Hyperbolic Geometry, Geometry of Discrete Groups
Elisa Gorla Basel commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, cryptography, coding theory
Hanspeter Kraft Basel algebraic transformation groups, representation theory, geometric and computational invariant theory
David Masser Basel Number theory (diophantine geometry, diophantine approximation, and transcendental numbers
Richard S. Smith Bern Simulation modeling of plant development
Yvan Velenik Geneva Probability theory, statistical physics