Thursday, January 24.

Time Name Title
14.30 Vincent Emery Arithmetic covolume of the modular group
16.00 Jonas Budmiger An Example of an SL2-Hilbert Scheme

Friday, January 25.

Time Name Title
9.30 Clément Hongler Scaling limit of percolation
11.00 Imbo Sim Interaction between elastic body and acoustic wave
13.30 - Poster Session
14:00 Claudio Somaini Open orbits in the representation spaces of quivers
15.30 Luc Guyot The space of subgroups of a countable abelian group
16.45 - Awards Ceremony Best talk Best poster
- All together Picture 1 Picture 2

The talks should, if possible, be given in English and be at most 60 minutes long. Please also consider that the audience of your talk will come from all fields of mathematics. The talks should be understandable for any student beginning his/her PhD.

All talks will take place in the ExWi, Sidlerstrasse 5 lecture room B6.

There will be coffee.