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News, and Preview of significant forthcoming events
Borel Seminar Borel Seminar 2017
Summer School
Growth in Geometry and Topology

Les Diablerets
August 21-25, 2017
Stepping Stone Symposium Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of PDEs

University of Geneva
August 29-31, 2017
ZHAW 2nd European COST Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Finance

ZHAW Winterthur
September 7, 2017
Hilbert Axiomatic Thinking:
100 years since Hilbert's address in Zurich

University of Zürich
September 14-15, 2017
E-Periodica E-Periodica

The new platform for digitized Swiss journals hosting the Swiss Digital Mathematics Library
CIMPA 2018 CIMPA Research Schools call for projects
Adolf Hurwitz Now online:

The mathematical diaries of Adolf Hurwitz

E-Books E-lending

Scientific e-books

Tadashi Tokieda Now online:

SMS Public lecture 2011 Tadashi Tokieda

Science from a sheet of paper
Colin Wright Now online:

SMS Public lecture 2014 Colin Wright

5 Balls, 2 Hands: Patterns of Juggling

Jonglieren und Mathematik: Eine verblüffende Verbindung!

Leonhard Euler Now online:

Euler video in English, French and German

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