Bylaws of the SMS

According to the resolution of the constitutive meeting of the Swiss Mathematical Society on September 4, 1910 in Basel1, together with the amendments, adopted August 30, 1929 in Davos, August 31, 1947 in Geneva, and October 1, 1966 in Solothurn2:

  1. The Swiss Mathematical Society aims to advance and spread the mathematical sciences and their applications.
  2. The Swiss Mathematical Society is a permanent section of the Schweizerische Naturforschende Gesellschaft (today Swiss Academy of Sciences). The Society holds its General Assembly during the annual meeting of the Schweizerische Naturforschende Gesellschaft3. Extraordinary assemblies can be called by the Steering Committee.
  3. Who wants to become a member of the Society, has to be recommended by two members and accepted by the Steering Committee. The Society also affiliates legal bodies, institutes, libraries etc.
  4. Members pay an annual fee, which is determined by the General Assembly. A one-time payment of twenty annual fees exempts a natural person from this obligation. Members, who have payed annual fees during at least 25 years and are retired are no longer liable to contribution.
  5. The Society elects the Steering Committee during a General Assembly for a period of office of two years in a secret ballot by absolute majority.
  6. The Steering Committee consists of a President, a Vice President and a Secretary, who is at the same time the treasurer of the Society. The retiring president is not reeligible immediately.
  7. The Steering Committee deals with all questions which concern the Society. It prepares the agenda for the General Assembly and arranges the publication of the proceedings.
1The original text of the bylaws of 1910 is available in the Archive of the SMS.
2The legally relevant text is the German version.
3This commitment has been abandoned as of 2003.

Remark: The German and the French versions of the bylaws are available in the Archive of the SMS.