Letter of the Steering Committee of the EMS

August 2008

The European Mathematical Society is increasing its activities and its membership. We are working harder than ever to make sure that mathematics is represented properly when funding decisions are taken at a European level, and this is beginning to bear fruit. An example is the recent call by the European Science Foundation for proposals for research conferences in mathematics


Also, we now have 56 national member societies from all over Europe, which brings huge opportunities for collaborative work of all kinds.

We would like to increase our individual membership, which now comes with free access to the improved Zentralblatt


as well as our superb Newsletter


and many other benefits, as you can see from our new web site


Membership is not expensive, and joining is easy: you can do it either through the Swiss Mathematical Society (22 Euro per year) or on the EMS web page.

Ari Laptev, President EMS
Pavel Exner, Vice-President
Helge Holden, Vice-President
Stephen Huggett, Secretary